Our two daughters have attended the "Princess In Me" event for the past 2 years. They never want to miss it for anything. The teaching is great for them at their age and they love everything about it: from the leaders, the teaching, the food and the pampering. The most important part for them is always receiving the tiaras as daughters of the King and getting to spend quality time with their dad at the end of the day is priceless. May God bless you as you take your ministry further to reaching more girls for Christ! 

Edith M  - Plano  (2014)


I am a single mom who wants the best for my daughter. It was such a blessing for her to attend one of your previous   "Princess In Me" events. She learned so much. Even though we talk about some of the things in our home, it carries more weight when it comes from someone else. It’s such a great program and I know God can use it mightily to raise up a strong generation of girls who won’t be swayed by the world and all of its unhealthy draws, but keep their eyes focused on Him.

Carol - Dallas Tx   (2014 )


Leah, congratulations on your ministry. God has called you for this and you do it with a passion. I am so glad I got to know you and you have ministered to me in different ways. You are going to impact a lot of girls because this is so needed today than ever before.  We are living in the hardest of times where only the truth will make a difference. I will be praying for you and your ministry. God bless!

T. Townsend - MN  (2014)

I want to thank you for this ministry which changed my daughter's life. When Leah introduced this ministry to me, I told her my daughter was young and she couldn't attend, but she told me that didn't matter. It was a year and 9 months after my daughter had lost her father, she was going through counseling from some other grief counsel group which didn't even make a change in either our lives. When she came back from the Princess in me camp, she was totally different. I'm so glad that this ministry changed my daughter's life and looking forward that after this coming one, she will be even more. Thank you Leah for giving my daughter that opportunity of meeting with other girls even if she was young and still young (7 years), you gave her that chance. She's looking forward to meet with other princesses and this year she's so glad and she can't even wait and she will be coming with her cousin this year. They are both happy to be with other girls. Thank you so much and God bless you all.  F.R.M     Dallas Tx (2015)